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Other Tenyo collectors

On this page you will find pictures and stories of other Tenyo collectors and their collections. If you would like to tell something about yourself and send me a picture of your collection, how small it may be, please contact me!

Collection of Roberto Breyer from Chile

Roberto is well known among Tenyo collectors for his fantastic videos on Youtube. He goes by the name Cormatches, here is a link to his channel which also has videos of other rare and unusual tricks, often easy to do like Tenyo tricks are. On The Magic Cafe he is known as Magic Patagonia. In his pictures you will also notice a lot of non-Tenyo items which he often has performed on Youtube.




Collection of Peter Pudill from Austria

Peter sais: If you look on my homepage you will see (if you understand german), that Im a proffessional, working in parlor/kids/restaurant (table hopping) magic. Inspired of Angelo Carbone (Genii Vol 73/3) I started seriously collecting some years ago. I am more the "sleight of hand type" if I work for audiences, but as an technician (engineer in electronics) I am fascinated of the Tenyo solutions (methods often better then the effects :-) In my childhood, when I started doing magic, I never could effort Tenyo tricks, maybe this is why I started them collecting now.




Collection of Dave Boerjan from Belgium

David is a fellow compatriot who has been collecting Tenyo items for years. He once sold his collection, felt sorry and started all over again some years ago.




Collection of Ed Shernoff from the U.S.A.

Ed sais: I'm not trying to buy the whole Tenyo collection, so I just display the ones I like. If I don't like a Tenyo I've bought (too hard to do, too noisy, too silly, etc) I repackage it, and one of these days I'll get around to selling them. I also have a list of ones I think I might like. I actually own 62 tricks so I still have a lot to try out. I'll add shelves as the collection grows.




Collection of John Mazza from the U.S.A.

John Mazza started collecting Tenyo seriously in the second half of 2011. In a relative very brief period he was able to find most Tenyo items, among them the extremely rare Melting Loop trick. His collection is one of the most extensive there is in the world. Like me he's only missing a handfull of items.

John also does a great job in making repacks of old Tenyo tricks and inventing new routines for existing Tenyo tricks like The Sherlock Holmes Clock (that uses Future Clock and Mindscanner in one routine) and an improved version of Soft Coins that uses beautifull miniature swords for penetrating the paper/bill.
He also came up with a routine for Mini Morphosis with coins. I quote:
- "I place the black ball in the box and on top I place a Johnson Silver/Copper/Brass transposition with the US half dollar facing up. The Johnson coins are a loose fit not a tight fit like a Scotch and Soda. When the trick is performed, two pieces of the coin crash into the box and cover any other noise. When the audience sees the ball on top they are surprised, when I open the box, they do not see the US Half Dollar, but the Mexican Centavo and the Chinese coin with the hole in it. I say "not only did the ball switch places with the coin, but the coin has changed to two foreign coins." The hole in the chinese coin really throws them for a loop. There is so much that happens, I don't think they even think about the box."
- "Another thing I did to improve the trick was replace the large magnet with plastic holder with a small, thin neodymium magnet. It is stronger and less bulky. I use double stick tape to attach it to the curtain."



Collection of Simon Corneille from Canada

When you read an article about someone who collects magic tricks chances are that it will be Simon Corneille from Canada; Simon is a magic collector pur sang. He collects, as far as I know, Magic Wagon, Alan Warner and many other. But he doesn't only collect 'by manufacturer', he just collects excellent magic! He has for example dozens of fingerchoppers, a lot of Tenyo's, Milton Bradley and so many other magic. I have no idea how many magic tricks he has but I believe it is A LOT! By the way, Simon is also an inventor of some great magic tricks and I'm pretty sure more will be released in the future.

I would like to thank Simon for sending me pictures of his Tenyo's which are in suitcases with black material you can easily cut out shapes for the tricks (great idea).



Collection of Jay Schanerman from the U.S.A.

Thank you very much for providing me your pictures Jay!



Collection of Gregorio Samà from Italy

Gregorio sais: I am a passionate magician from Italy and in recent years I have collected almost all the effects produced by Tenyo. Thanks for sending me your pictures Gregorio/'MagicoGreg'!



Collection of Gaz Pratley from the U.K.

Gaz sais: Basically I used to go on the bus to Banbury and Witney (small towns in Oxfordshir - U.K.) with my older brother and visit the magic/joke shops and buy Tenyo tricks. This was around the mid to late 80s. I was always very excited when my brother bought new Tenyo tricks. My brother has lots of Tenyo and a couple of years ago he showed me some tricks at his house and this rekindled my love and interest for Tenyo tricks and I started to purchase a lot of my favourite tricks. I personally prefer the Tenyo from the 80s and early ninties, my favourite effects are Wonder Window, Billscape, Mirage, Knife Of The Ninja,Credit Slasher and Geometrick to name a few. I love tenyo penetration tricks and adore the retro Tenyo packaging. They had a great way of promoting the tricks back in the day, I really used to enjoy going to the joke shops and seeing the new Tenyo tricks. I also have a lot of newer tenyo magic but thought I would share my fave packaged retro tricks....



Collection of Peterger from Belgium

Peter is a collector of magic tricks and has a nice Tenyo collection.



Collection of ... .

Thank you for providing me with your pictures!


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